Transport & Payment


Handicraft / Seamanship

The transport possibilities depend on the items requested. Depending on your shipping cart you can have :

  • Letter (home delivery)
  • Parcel (home delivery or relay point)
  • with the Post Office
  • or Mondial Relay

Maximum delay, for orders placed from Thursday 12:00 to Monday 12:00, I drop off the packages on Tuesday evening.
For orders placed from Monday 12:00 to Thursday 12:00, I drop off the packages on Friday evening.

In most cases, I ship your orders within 24 hours.
The easiest is "Letter" (in the choices offered) as a solution because I am not dependent on the opening hours and I can drop it off before my working day.

Exhibition Gallery

For exhibited works, transport is on request, depending on the object and the destination. I make an estimate on a case-by-case basis and submit it to you for approval.

For works that are not fragile or too bulky, I indicate the price and means of transport in the description of the item.


It is possible to buy online and pick up your order at the workshop/shop in Lit & Mixe.

(During the summer period from Thursday to Sunday from 6pm to 9pm. All year round by appointment in the evening from 5pm except Saturday and Sunday)



Workshop / Shop at Lit & Mixe

I accept payment by cash but I prefer payment by credit card with the Sumup organisation which uses my mobile phone* to validate your credit card transaction.
The receipt of the transaction is not printed, you receive it by email or by SMS if you wish.

I do not accept payment by cheque.

*My mobile phone does not record any information, it is used to communicate, via bluetooth, the transaction information to the Sumup device which, via private wifi, connects to the internet to validate the transaction.

Internet shop

I use the payment gateway of Stripe which allows you to use your credit card.

The currency is Euro €.

My site does not handle the transaction, I connect your shopping cart to the gateway that handles your payment.
The gateway confirms your payment, I can dispatch your order.
Payment gateways are reliable and secure. They are commonplace in this day and age.

Gallery LM Ouest

Online shop open all year round

Workshop / shop Lit & Mixe
Summer opening
Thursday to Sunday
From 6pm to 9pm

251 avenue du Marensin
40170 Lit et Mixe - France - planète Terre

 facade boutique



Porte clé touline

Rope mat - Baderne - Nœud de piton




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