Nailed to the deck, gangways, sills and other places to prevent the sailor or animal from slipping, the piton knots are also used to cushion the impact of jib sheets and blocks in the mast to prevent chafing. They are placed wherever wear and tear can be expected.

In our homes, they can be used as trivets, vases, etc. For pallaisson, although hemp is not very resistant to humidity. I can make it for you in textured polypropylene, the equivalent of hemp in synthetic (same colour, same texture (well... almost the same)).

The size of the mats depends on the diameter Ø of the string and the number of passes. By default, I offer them in Ø 6, 8 and 10 mm with 4 passes.
On request I can also offer them in Ø 5 and 12 with the number of passes you want. 3 is a minimum for the knot to hold.
Personally, I find the Ø 6 and 8 with 5 passes very nice, imposing. 4 passes is more discreet.
For each mat, each size, a photo in use allows you to understand the size of your mat.

Do not hesitate to contact me for a specific request.

19,30 € each Baderne - Petite taille 2 items in stock
29,00 € each Baderne - moyenne taille 2 items in stock
35,00 € each Baderne - grande taille 2 items in stock
19,30 € each Nœud de piton - petite taille 2 items in stock
29,00 € each Nœud de piton - moyenne taille taille 2 items in stock
35,00 € each Nœud de piton - grande taille 2 items in stock
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