The gallery is a second activity.
I work on a daily basis in a major Swiss company that supports the local economy
I make, send out orders, process emails, etc., at the end of the day after my main activity.
Hence the opening hours, I open the workshop/shop during the summer from Thursday to Sunday from 6pm to 9pm. And by appointment for the Click & Collect all year round
The online shop is open all year round. During my holidays, a friend of mine handles the day-to-day business of the site. She ships your orders, she does not manufacture. An information message is posted on the site.

A story...

I bought the building in 2006 from Vincent who ran it as a fish and seafood restaurant. He now works on Léon for the happiness of our taste buds. The bank financed the purchase but not the work. Over the years I transformed the building into a loft. 50% flat, 50% gallery. I rent the commercial part in 2010/2011, the time to do the work on the flat and finance it.
The gallery opens in 2012/2013, not sure how to do it...
Some body mechanics problems (lack of oil in the shoulders...) in 2014, 2015 and 2019 forced me to suspend the gallery activity.
A good mechanic, talented physiotherapists, useful social security at a given time, reclassification within the company and off we go again in 2021...


... 2021, here we go again
The project is evolving. I discovered seamanship and in addition to the gallery I make seamanship accessories out of hemp or marine rope. I take a lot of pleasure in making them in front of you and the gallery.
Do not hesitate, you are welcome.
Thank you for your attention

I would like to thank the Flaticon graphics site for providing me with a multitude of very nice icons:

  • Heart, heart arrow, moon, smile, sun, pine by Freepik
  • Face heart by Creative Stall Prenium
  • Angel by Smashicons
  • Caddie par Frrepik

The translations are provided by the online translator Linguee. I apologise to the people concerned for any errors or misunderstandings in the translation. I will correct them little by little as we meet.
The site is designed with the Joomla! CMS, the Hikashop extension builds the online shop.
I would like to thank the entire web community for the advice and knowledge sharing that made my job easier. THANK YOU
The help of Xavier Féard, trainer at Mine de talents in Alès, was decisive. His knowledge, his approach and his advice during the training made it possible to carry out a viable and sustainable project. THANK YOU

I also thank FIP who has been with me for a long time. At the beginning normal and little by little I lower the vomit to just audible.
Fip'Elles should be recognised as a public service. THANK YOU

Studio de la plage
Cap de L'Homy - January 2022, -5°, a luminosity that hurts the eyes... A sandy stump, driftwood for supports... My private life-size photo studio, accessible to all.

Gallery LM Ouest

Online shop open all year round

Workshop / shop Lit & Mixe
Summer opening
Thursday to Sunday
From 6pm to 9pm

251 avenue du Marensin
40170 Lit et Mixe - France - planète Terre

 facade boutique



Porte clé touline

Rope mat - Baderne - Nœud de piton




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